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Brand Protection Strategies provide the means to identify an original product from a counterfeit.  Protecting a brand through these means improves trust in a product, and requires a secure supply chain from manufacturer to consumer. The best Brand Protection programs focus on the security of the product and supply chain, and involve legal, marketing, investigation, and entrance control.  Potential counterfeiters will look for another victim if the product and package are too costly, too difficult, and have too difficult to counterfeit.


Our brand protection strategies include covert, overt, and forensic technology, 3D security hologram labels, and track and trace technologies, which will protect and secure your brand. These services will improve consumer confidence and provide brand owners with objectivity, collective expertise, and product authentication. There are three levels of anti-counterfeiting protection. The most effective strategies for a security/anti-counterfeiting program layer multiple security features into one label.

Level 1 Overt:

Security features are easy to verify using human sensory perception that can be easily explained to consumers.

Level 2 Covert:

Special equipment and knowledge is required. Simple tools — like magnifiers, UV lamps, or decoding lenses — that customs inspectors, wholesalers, and field agents can easily use to check security features.

Level 3 Forensic Technology:

Uses in-house testing and laboratories. Sophisticated equipment enables the manufacturer and brand owner to forensically verify their products.


A comprehensive chain of security requires input at each manufacturing phase of a printed product. Each phase allows for an increase in security.

  • Creative Design Phase: Product protection is increased by selecting the optimum mixture of printable security features, making experience in security design essential. Concepts usually integrate several security design elements with covert and overt printed features.
  • Material Selection Phase: Choosing the right mixture of paper, inks, coatings, special pigments, foils and other distinctive materials is important to reinforce the security concept. CartonCraft, Inc. brings together experts in various material technologies to provide guidance on materials applications.
  • Process Technologies Phase: Combining the right combination of process technologies enhances the overall level of protection. High security plate making, special embossing machines and tools, along with a broad knowledge of converting processes, help complete the security concept.

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