CartonCraft Inc – Leading the way in environmental responsibility

CartonCraft Inc – Leading the way in environmental responsibility

CartonCraft Incorporated is committed to environmental stewardship, and as part of our ongoing Sustainability Initiative we set the goal of reducing our carbon footprint in 2016. Our manufacturing operation in Saint Charles, IL is already designed to eliminate unnecessary waste and maximize the usage of resources, but this year we identified an opportunity to better conserve energy by updating all of the lamps and ballasts in our overhead lighting fixtures.

We sought the expertise of energy efficient lighting producers who helped us identify the best lighting technology available. We made the decision to invest in the retrofitting of all overhead lighting fixtures throughout our plant, and the installation of the new lighting in our plant is now complete.

By switching to energy efficient lamps, we have reduced our annual footprint by 107,209 lbs. of carbon dioxide, 701,730 lbs. of sulfur, and 253,403 lbs. of nitrous oxide. We are excited to have reached yet another sustainability goal this year!

CartonCraft Inc. continues to lead the way in environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, as well as the development and implementation of sustainable packaging solutions for companies both large and small.

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