Pre Press Specifications

Recommended File Specifications:

Preferred File Format/Software:
We prefer files to be created on the Macintosh Platform; however, we can accept digital files
from the PC platform. Please keep in mind that most PC platform files will be converted to the
Macintosh plat- form which may cause font issues.
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Acrobat
• Document color mode: CMYK

The following software is not intended to create documents for high-end outputs and should be
avoided due to lack of integrity and information when submitted in its native form:
• Power Point
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft Word
• Word Perfect

Graphics & Scans:
Please include all linked graphic files (fonts or outlined text, eps, tiff psd,etc).
• Photoshop image resolution set at 300dpi
• Include Layered photoshop files
For example: if you created a logo in Adobe Illustrator that contains a Photoshop image,
you must provide both the Illustrator files as well as the Photoshop file. Graphics applications
will not manually collect the Photoshop file, so you must manually copy it. All graphics should
be in EPS or TIFF format; avoid PICT and Windows BMP files.
Scan all color and Gray scale photos at 300 dpi at the final size they will be used in your
document. All color scans must be saved as CMYK color space; if RGB images are received
they will be converted to the CMYK color space using CartonCraft CMYK profile.

Die Templates:
Please request dieline in advance from your Customer Service Rep.
(print side up) and do not alter supplied die line.

• Registration Tolerance 0.0156
• Print-to-Cut Tolerance 0.03125
• Trapping Guidelines 0.005
• Linescreen 150
• Dot % Minimum 5% • Dot % Maximum 90%

Type and Rules:
• Minimum Type Size (Positive) 4.5pt
• Minimum Type Size (Reverse) 6pt
• Minimum Type Size (Positive- Copyright, Registered, TM, etc)
• 4.5pt Minimum Type Size (Reverse- Copyright, Registered, TM, etc) 6pt
• Line/Stroke Weight (Positive) .25pt
• Line/Stroke Weight (Reverse) 1pt process/ .5pt 1-PMS

Please build your file and graphic elements with a minimum .125” bleed.

Please do not trap your job. CartonCraft uses state of the art trapping software specific to our
print process. Our Pre-Press technicians will set all trapping parameters that will yield
the highest quality final product.
If you are supplying Trapped file: Standard Trap: .005”

UPC Specifications:
• Minimum Size 80%
• Printer Compensation:-.0006” (-15 Microns) for offset Bar Width Adjustment:-.0004” (-10 Mi
crons) for offset
• Quiet area must be followed for printability 80%-1/16”, 90%-3/32”, and 100%-1/8”
• Minimum percentage of reflectance:31.6% (difference between dark bars and background)
If we are creating your UPC Codes, please supply the number system character (prefix num
ber) along with the 10 digit UPC code.

File Transfer Methods:
Via FTP: Please contact your CartonCraft (CSR) to request a user account for our FTP Site.
This must be done to ensure a secure drop-off location for the files. When submitting files via
FTP, please include a composite PDF of the file for our Pre-Press department to reference the
final out put.
Via CD or DVD: When sending files on disk, please include a laser print out of each item being
supplied for our Pre-Press department to reference the final out put.

Download Specifications File