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CartonCraft Family Celebrates a Beautiful Day at the Kane County Cougars

September 2nd, 2023, became a day etched in memory for the CartonCraft family. This wasn’t just another game day at the ballpark – it was the annual CartonCraft Family Day at the Kane County Cougars game, and the energy crackled with excitement.

Over 500 attendees, a vibrant mix of CartonCraft staff, their families, suppliers, customers, friends, and even local community leaders, descended upon the right and center field picnic areas. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as fans donned their “Star Wars Day” attire, ready to cheer on the Cougars and create lasting memories. The iconic characters from the beloved franchise roamed the park, providing children with the thrill of meeting their heroes and capturing unforgettable photo moments.

As the pre-game festivities kicked off, a wave of pure joy washed over the gathering. Children gleefully bounced around in the inflatable haven of the bouncy houses and Play Zone, their laughter echoing through the air. The entire crowd was then treated to an electrifying concert by Sammy and the Knights, with a special guest appearance on percussion – none other than CartonCraft’s very own Tony Reyes Sr.! The energy in the crowd was contagious as they swayed to the music, a heartwarming display of camaraderie and family spirit.

The game itself was filled with cheers and nail-biting plays, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. But even after the final out, the fun wasn’t over. A spectacular post-game fireworks display lit up the night sky, painting a dazzling conclusion to a truly memorable day.

Beyond the entertainment and excitement, this event served a deeper purpose. It provided a cherished opportunity for the CartonCraft family to connect outside the traditional workplace environment. It was a time to share laughter, build stronger bonds, and foster a sense of belonging. The overwhelming popularity of the event speaks volumes – it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to its employees and their well-being. With each passing year, the Family Day at the Kane County Cougars game promises to become an even more cherished tradition, solidifying CartonCraft’s reputation as a company that values not just productivity, but also the importance of family, community, and shared experiences.

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