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Avoid Costly Mistakes and Maximize Consistency with CartonCraft

You expect your cartons and packaging to be consistent. You want the first carton to be identical to the last—pristine, with no variations in color, printing, or finish, and no scratches, smudges, or other defects. With packaging, quality control matters. 

That’s why CartonCraft is thrilled to implement EyeC Proofrunner on your cartons. This quality control system inspects every single carton and folding box on the line, ensuring that each item is identical with no defects. It starts with the customer proof, and every item is compared. If a defect is found—including print issues, finishes, smudges, creasing errors and more—the item is separated from the batch. We get a report about what went wrong, and you get peace of mind knowing that we deliver your item with 100% quality control. 

Mistakes found by EyeC Proofrunner: 

• Missing parts of letters

• Filled-in letters

• Hickeys

• Smudges

• Missing ink

• Spots

• Color deviations

• Defects in stamping

• Surface flaws

• Missing varnish

• Die-cut defects

• Creasing defects

It also eliminates errors from initial proof to pre-press, like typos, colors, font issues, spacing, and incorrect special characters. 

At CartonCraft, we understand that mistakes can be costly—not only do they make your packaging unusable, but they cost time, which you value and which affects your bottom line. That’s why we invest in top-of-the-line resources like EyeC ProofRunner—to keep your packaging consistent and deliver to you only the best. 

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