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CartonCraft Earns Brightstar Certification for Positive Community Impact

CartonCraft was recently honored to have earned Brightstar verification—an achievement that indicates positive impact on our team members, customers, and the larger community. Brightstar is a program created by Lunum to motivate businesses to measure their impact on the community and drive change. The BrightStar seal is reserved for businesses that are taking real action to create shared, long-term prosperity for the people and communities impacted by the company and its suppliers. CartonCraft is proud to be part of the inaugural group of companies to be Brightstar verified!

The commitment frames employees as assets rather than expenses, and the goal is to empower individuals and revitalize communities through corporate stewardship. Brightstar helps us frame our work through the lens of the connection between the business, employees, and community impact, so that we know how to make positive change through our business. 

Some of CartonCraft’s community impact efforts include:

  • High employee retention by providing a living wage and competitive pay, quality benefits, and development opportunities.
  • Providing employee care benefits, like student loan assistance, an onsite linguist, and a fitness gym. 
  • Supporting local businesses and charities both financially and through service—CartonCraft donated $600,000 to local initiatives like Lazarus House and Dupage County Center.
  • Using and promoting sustainable materials whenever possible.

We are proud of the work we have done to earn this Brightstar verification, and we will continue our efforts. Brightstar verification is not a one-time achievement, but rather an ongoing commitment. Companies are re-verified annually to ensure they are living up to the verification standards. 

Interested in learning more about CartonCraft? Contact us today.

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